It’s a fact that usage of weed is increasing and people are getting familiar with its benefits, that’s why the demand for weed is increasing daily in the market. Also, different countries have started legalizing its usage for medical purposes, as it serves as a treatment for different problems. Anxiety, depression, muscle pains, also help in treating nausea and reducing the growth of cells in cancer patients. Well if you are tired of smoking weed in the same way again and again and want to try some new methods. You can different forms of weed to complete your need for weed.

Weed grown at home

If you have grown weed in your backyard and now is the time to harvest. You are having a lot of weed and you are wondering what you can do with that much weed. You can store that in your house for later use, but due to not storing it properly its taste and freshness will not remain the same. You cannot enjoy it due to bitterness in it and chances are that you will get bored due to using weed in the same way again and again. Don’t worry, there are other ways through which you can use different forms of weed. By making different products from weed, so that you can enjoy it longer. Although DC Bud Finder has different varieties of weed available for you still we can suggest you use weed in different ways.

In form of bubble hash

Bubble hash is the way through which you can easily transmit your weed in a hash and it’s also the affordable way because you wouldn’t be needing chemicals to make it. Buds are converted to hash in extremely cold temperatures. You’ll be needing a lot of buds to create even a small amount of hash, so it’s better to start with a smaller amount. Hash is created by trichomes after placing buds in ice water; that liquid that is created through this process is filtered using screen bags. And all that is dried and then collected, its texture can vary from dry to greasy or oily. You can ask for further tips from DC Bud Finder. So that you can get familiar with different forms of weed. Often this method is known as washing because mostly the washing machine is used to create this hash.

In the form of rosin

Although you might know about different forms of weed, the easiest way that uses less effort than others is creating rosin. You can simply place your weed or marijuana buds that are already heated, and then the oil is extracted from those buds easily. Just add parchment paper between curling iron and place buds on it, those buds will crackle due to heat and oil will be extracted. Or simply buy a rosin press and all you need is to add buds in pucks and then the pressing process is done. Rosin will be created easily without using any chemical and all you would be needing is pressure and heat both applied at the same time. So instead of spending money, it’s better to easily create rosin at home without using any extra tools.

Edible forms of weed

Some people don’t like to smoke weed or they get tired of using the same method if you are one of them. Don’t worry DC Bud Finder has suggested many other different forms of weed through which you can consume it. Simply break your weed into smaller particles and then add it to butter properly, now you can use this butter in making different cookies or brownies. Through which you can easily consume weed and also you’ll enjoy that form because you can eat your favorite food and enjoy weed at the same time. Simply mix butter and water at the same time and you can easily strain that mixture using any thin cloth or you can use cheesecloth for straining. After it solidifies you can use it in any baked item that you like to eat. Most people use coconut oil that contains cannabis and use it in making different food items.

Cannabis or weed cigars

If we talk about weed cigars they are big and you wouldn’t be able to finish them all alone by yourself without taking help from your friends. For making cigars filled with weed you just need to add weeds into molds in which there is a stick already present in the center of it. You can simply remove that stick when it gets solidified and can wrap it in any rolling paper. Or to give it a classy look you can simply wrap it in leaves that you have saved during harvest. DC Bud Finder is offering different sorts of weed that you can order from our store or you can just use some DIY home methods to create different forms of weed.

Weed in tincture form

Although people know about different forms of weed, using tincture for consuming weed will last longer and you can feel its effects for a long time. Although they are difficult to make, you need to soak cannabis flowers in alcohol and then you have to shake them daily for a week. After all that process, you just need to strain it using any tea or coffee filter. And can consume this tincture using drops, even you can create gummies of weed with the help of tinctures that you would love to consume.

There are several other methods through which you can use different forms of weed by making them at home. If you are not interested in doing all such DIYs, you can simply order weed from DC Bud Finder according to the taste and form that you want.

Learn what to do before you invest in marijuana.

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